creep·y·pas·ta   |ˈkrēpēˈpästə|
Creepy stories that float around on the internet.

'Daily Creepypasta' is an ever-growing database of creepy, scary and disturbing short journal entries, letters, stories, legends and myths about artifacts, beings, death, specific locations, madness, rituals and the unknown. Collected from all over the internet and presented here in the best way I think is possible.

Like many others before me, I was introduced to creepy stories long ago and for some time got addicted to the feeling of being tense and scared of the unknown.  I always wanted to read more, but I never found the perfect website; one containing nothing but stories put together in the scariest experience, mixed in with features for added intensity.

There was always something out of place that sucked me out; the background, flashing coloured advertisements, bad post titles that give out too much and spoil the experience, et cetera.

So I set out to create one myself in the most enjoyable way I thought a website like such should be; learning from my mistakes and building a better experience for you, adding thrilling features you don't find on other creepy story site.

So please stay with us, and enjoy your stay.